National Junior Honor Society
Please visit this site to find all the information regarding Elmwood's National Junior Honor Society.

Quiz Bowl teams and tryouts 

We have a 6th grade team and a 7th/8th grade team, each consists of 10 players. Tryouts are held soon after the start of school.  The 1st round consists of a quick timed written trivia test.  Students scoring in the top half will be invited to the 2nd round.  
The 2nd round of  tryouts will determine how committed students are to being successful on the QB team. Students will receive a study packet and those who are the top 10 scorers during a buzzer test will earn a spot on the team. 

QB requires a commitment to studying common topics that appear in competitions.  We are looking for kiddos who want to be here, have fun, and learn along the way!  A great attitude is a must.  Students exhibiting special skill in a particular area that can assist our team (fast math skill is a high need) will be given first priority for team spots regardless of overall scores.  

Playing time is allocated based on students performance during practices. Not every student will play during competition time. 

Typical competition dates are in December/January.

Odyssey of the Mind

We are seeking a coach or 2 for Odyssey of the Mind. In order for our school to have a team, we must have a parent coach. Click here to see the information sheet that should answer ALL of questions. Think of this as your first tryout to see if you'll be a good fit ;) 

Google Classroom

We will use Google Classroom almost daily throughout the year.  It's essentially a place where we can keep all of our assignment sheets (you can print directly from here), it helps keep us organized, reminds us of due dates, you can ask questions about assignments, and parents can use it to see exactly what we are working on and what is coming up.  It's our interactive way of being able to communicate and work on projects. 

Class projects and events

6th Forensics and Criminology
6th graders will explore forensics and criminology throughout the year. Students will hear from many guest speakers over a variety of topics, complete hands-on labs, and work with a simulated program to practice their skills. The culmination of our unit is a day-long field experience with professionals in the field. 

7th grade Global Market
We will hold our marketplace to sell the products that we have created during our economics and entrepreneurship unit to help raise our tuition for our Heifer trip.
GM will be held during December, date TBD.

7th grade Heifer Dates
As our culminating experience for REACH and the 7th grade year, we visit Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas for an overnight experience.  
Our overnight trip is typically in early May. 
We will depart EMS at 8:00 and arrive back the following day around 2:00

Chess Tournaments
Several of our local schools host chess tournaments for area students. There is one in fall and winter as well as an invite only champions tournament in April. Registration cost is $5.  See Mrs. Duncan to register.